Medical office building commercial cleaning

Medical Facility and Hospital Cleaning

Maintaining a building, particularly a medical facility or hospital, is a complex system. And finding a reliable and professional cleaning service can be a hard task. The nuances of working in a care environment and the need to apply current cleaning best practices. This is to ensure a hospital  or medical facility is clean and sanitized. The latter are critical for reducing health risks to patients, staff, and visitors

Medical Facility & Hospital Cleaning Best Practices

In order to maintain high standards and remain compliant, medical and health care facilities require strict adherence to cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. This requires that both in-house and vendor cleaning teams be familiar with these needs. Third-party cleaning companies typically offer a variety of cleaning packages, product lists, information on cleaning techniques and tools, and detailed reports to demonstrate their compliance with applicable regulations and health care cleaning best practices. Your cleaning service team should already be knowledgeable about how to appropriately service your facility. By learning your needs and organization, they can develop a customized cleaning program that is designed to your unique space.

  • Utilization of advanced cleaning technology and tools specifically designed for your site
  • Use of appropriate chemicals that are safe and effective for health care applications
  • Careful and meticulous cleaning of specialized medical equipment
  • Extra attention given to high-touch and high-traffic areas
  • Cleaning personnel with specialized experience working in healthcare facilities
  • Rigorous supervision of cleaning technicians and programs to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

Disinfecting, Sterilizing & Cleaning Methods

In everyday life, disinfecting and sterilizing are often used interchangeably, but in the context of hospital cleaning, these terms mean different things. Disinfecting means removing most harmful microorganisms from a surface. While sanitizing means killing all harmful and harmless microorganisms and spores present. A professional commercial cleaning team understands the difference between these approaches and has the knowledge of modern cleaning products, tools, and tactics required to maintain a safe and clean environment in hospitals.

Furthermore, a modern cleaning program should include green cleaning methods that prioritize eco-friendly products and techniques. Green cleaning involves using specific cleaning methods and products that are safe for both people and the environment. Reputable hospital cleaning services are knowledgeable about green cleaning and can recommend a customized green cleaning program to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Applies to hard surfaces and airApplies to medicine, food, surgical equipment, etc.
Requires alcohols bleach, detergents and heavy metalsRequires the use of heat, chemicals, pressure and filtration
Eliminates harmful bacteria and microorganismsEliminates microorganisms and spores

Patient, Staff & Visitor Communication

Professional hospital cleaning teams like those at ProJani Solutions are trained to provide the friendly and respectful demeanor. This demeanor is crucial in sensitive environments. They possess the necessary skills to navigate through rooms quickly, safely and with respect. And are adept at effectively communicating with patients and staff during their cleaning duties. Staff trained by reputable healthcare cleaning companies have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, allowing for positive interactions with patients, nurses, doctors and visitors alike.

In a hospital environment, even the smallest interactions can make a big impact on patients, doctors, and visitors. Hospital housekeepers are trained to

  • respond promptly to greetings
  • move through rooms quietly and efficiently for non-disruptive cleaning
  • and lend a compassionate ear to those who wish to chat.

These simple gestures demonstrate the importance of empathy in healthcare and help to create a safe, clean, and productive environment for all occupants. It is essential to ensure that your cleaning staff is working effectively around patients and staff, or to inquire about a prospective cleaning service’s communication practices and performance. A commercial cleaning company that fails to prioritize these practices will not be able to provide the same level of high-quality service as a company that does.

Does your cleaning service know all of this and put this knowledge into practice at your facility?

Contact us for a healthcare facility cleaning consultation. With our help, learn how we can help you create a safer space for your patients and staff.